Hey guys! So I decided to start actually using my blog as... a blog lol. I used to run a fashion blog when I was in highschool and a freshman in college. I don’t know if it’s because I’m back in college or what, but I think running a blog is more up to me speed. It’s not going to be strictly fashion related though! Don’t worry haha.

I want to use this space to more so regroup. I don’t know about you guys, but I get in these ruts where I feel like I’m not producing. Sometimes when the benefits aren’t instant to hard work it’s easy to feel lazy or unproductive despite your efforts. I feel like regrouping is a good tool for anyone, especially right now during a pandemic.

So welcome! To my new and improved blog space lol.

Vegan Haitian Chicken in Sauce

Vegan Diri Djon Djon (mushroom rice)

Yesterday I attempted my first smoky eye, had a living room photo shoot, then cooked some vegan Haitian food. Oh yeah and sat in a math class for a few hours while the “chicken” marinated lol. The pandemic has really made me love cooking. I just like the time of preparation and the different flavors (ESPECIALLY with Caribbean food omg yes).

How are your classes going if you’re in any? I’m about to take a midterm next week fml. I hope you’re all doing well despite the pressures! Also don’t forget to doll yourself up every once and a while. give the sweat pants a break!! I had to snap myself out of that mess haha. Even if you’re not going anywhere, get cute for you! I always joke around and say “no break up was needed for this glow up” lol. Because honestly it’s all about you as an individual making yourself feel good because you deserve to feel good about yourself.

I hope you’re all staying as positive as you can right now. Congrats on all the new jobs and accomplishments!

Heres my upload schedule for this week (9/23)

LIVE Tribe Tea

Tik Tok Star w Daddy Issues on Dr Phil

LIVE Florida Man Friday

Prerecorded Tribe Tea (premiere)

All at 2pm EST! If the time changes I’ll send out a notification 🤗 Thanks for all the support guys it doesn’t go unnoticed trust me.