So I brainstormed a new segment over the weekend and I think I'm ready to test it out! I wanted to do something similar to AskReddit, but solely with answers from the Tribe. If the Youtube algorithm didn't bombard you with these videos last year (i don't see how it didn't lmao) here are some examples of AskReddit videos here, here, and here.

I initially wanted to do a segment where I just read AskReddit threads, but I've been informed a lot of people on there copyright their responses if it gets popular. So instead I decided to brainstorm my own "AskDaTribe" questions and let you all respond.

I know it's a long waiting line for Tribe Teas right now so I decided to do this for fast gratification while you wait lmao.

Here's the link to the Question of the Week forum:

Only I have access to post in this forum to ask the question of the week, and only members of thee site can reply to the posts for submissions. If you'd like to be anonymous, please change your avi picture and name associated with your account. If you guys would like to suggest questions for the question of the week, feel free to do so in the other forums.

I can't wait to see how this all comes together! I'm so excited! Here is the first ever question of the week:

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