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Hey guys! I know it's not exactly the beginning of the week, but I'm working on the weekend so what's up! So much prepping has been going on this week. Between covering my butt with legalities and producing art for the upcoming season, things have been HECTIC.

Quick update though!

I'm still prepping for the Halloween launch. I have a few prototype gift boxes as well as final art pieces (that I won't be sharing until October 1st!). The jewelry sale is going to be in effect until the fall collection (Halloween) drops. I also have some Libra designs available for my fellow air sign. I'm super!! excited but don't want to spill the tea JUST yet :-)

Make sure to follow the shop on Instagram @shopvoodoochild for the latest updates on these Halloween gift boxes if you have a spooky bae in mind you want to cop this for. There will be a WIDE range of prices too! This will be perfect for someone who loves to collect Halloween-specific decor and artwork. I can't wait to share this with you guys!!!

And a special thanks to all of you who have ordered from me this week I really appreciate it <3

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