I just want to write this formally so no one thinks they’re being singled out. Yesterday I stated in my live Tribe Tea that I get bullied in my DMs about Tribe Tea submissions on the regular. That shoe fit a lot of people and now my DMs on MULTIPLE PLATFORMS are flooded with tattoo tears.

I don’t mind DMs asking me what date we’re on, I mean I’d wanna know too lol. Those DMS don’t bother me so if you sent that to me don’t sweat it dude, this PSA isn’t for you 👍🏽. However, these are the type of DMs that are NOT OK and I receive them weekly, sometimes daily:

”I just submitted my story today but it’s really juicy so skip the rest and read it”

”when are you reading mine? READ MINE ITS TIME SENSITIVE! I know I’m in your DMs and I can talk to you rn BUT I WANT AN AUDIENCE!!!”

”I sent a story when I was underage a few years ago but now I’m of age so you have to read it it’s only fair”

”you already read my story but now I have an update and sure other ppl have never even made it ON to a tribe tea but you HAVE to read my story again!!! ASAP!”

”READ MY SHIT! thanks boo 😘 (the next day) HEY!!!!READ MY SHIT! thanks boo 😘 (the next day) I KNOW YOU SEE THIS!! I love you sis but fr READ MINE those other ones boring (the next day) wowwww so this is how you treat your supporters?”

”is it true if I pay you I can skip the line???“

”you Only read your moderators stories!!! It’s all rigged“

”instead of the old story I sent, search my email and find my new one and read it instead. That’s not technically skipping 🙄 you’re being so extra”

”*dms on insta* read my story *dms on twitter* read my story *comments in YT* read my story *commments on IG pics* READ MY FUCKING STORY DAMN BITCH I KNOW YOU SEE ME I KNOW YOUR PHONE BUZZIN” (ngl this one is kinda funny lol)

If you sent me anything like this please don’t take this personally, like seriously please don’t, but i gotta get some space from ya 🥴✌🏽 YouTube is a given, but one on one time with me in the DMs isn’t and some ppl are abusing it (as well as abusing me Like damn 😩)

Let me set a few things straight first. For one, I always check in private before I check in public. if I didn’t check you in private, never assume what I say in a live or a video is about you. With that said, Those examples above are not eight individual people, but eight narratives shared by a handful of people. So again, please don’t go thinking I’m singling you out.

For two, it’s unethical all around to bump your story up over another. I don’t have any favoritism. Even if I think a story is boring personally, I still read it because I know someone sat patiently waiting for their story to be heard. My moderators submit their stories just like everyone else and waited just like everyone else. Some (and I’m talking abt ppl who aren’t moderators do this too) submit multiple stories back to back in the same time frame so They’re getting read In the future in what seems like “back to back” Screen time when in reality they just sent a bunch of entries in a few months ago 🤷🏽‍♀️

For three... THIS SHIT IS FREE 99 FAM! Lmfao like id get if you ordered something off of my site and you hound me like this. But there is literally no contractual agreement, no financial ties, and no personal ties to Tribe Tea entries. It’s fun, free, interactive content that I love doing and I want to keep things fair and friendly.

Im blocking anyone from my DMs that hounds me constantly About their entry so that I can get through these emails in peace. Again, I’ve already DMd you privately if you’re being blocked so don’t freak out. it’s not being blocked from YouTube, just social media DMs. I’ll be unblocking when I’m at LEAST only two months behind instead of 4+ months. I’m going to read yall stories when your time comes regardless if you’re blocked or not (cause if you’re blocked I’m sure that’s the only thing you care about 🙄). It’s gotten so bad, I don’t even use IG for anything other than sponsored posts. I had to move my urgent DM accessibility onto this site. It’s exhausting on my mental health so to me this is necessary. I hope you can understand and I hope I’m not being too harsh 🖤

(btw we are in sept rn, we had 50+ entries in sept ‘19! you guys are awesome!)