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Hey everyone! I hope this month has treated you well. I've been trying to get in better spirits myself lately. Sketching and walking my dog have done wonders. I've recently gotten into graffiti art and playing with different font styles. Don't worry I'm not going out tagging anything lol. I saw this video of some artists' murals and got inspired. I never realized that I had never even attempted graffiti art or looked into the typography behind it. So that's my current obsession.

I've also gotten into sculpting. The ashtray above was made some time ago and recently painted. It was initially supposed to be a jewelry tray for body jewelry, but life happened lol. I ordered more clay and I can't wait to make more. Probably some charms and planters. Clay is very therapeutic I can't even explain it.

I'm currently working on a canvas that I can't show quite yet... but I'm super excited! I'll do a reveal this March with available prints. Slowly but surely I'm getting back into my groove. Thank you sm to those of you who've been commenting on my socials and checking on me during my mental health break.

Oh! I almost forgot. Each month I'll be posting some Amazon codes so that you guys can get discounts! I've been an amazon influencer for some time and want to share the goods lol. Let me know if you end up ordering anything.

Short month short entree I guess? hehe. Can't wait to show you guys what I have cooking up for the spring!

Thanks again for still being here xx


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