This week’s upload schedule!

For one I’m posting on TTVN today!! It’s an analysis and explanation of the new Netflix movie Every Time I Die. Watch the movie first then check out my video later on Tribe TV:

I also posted a storytime a few days ago with vlog footage on my vlog channel of me at Wildn Out:

As for the main channel this week, no ask the tribe segment! I’m gonna alternate prerecorded tribe teas and ask the tribes every other week so that we can keep some variety goin’. Thursday I’m dropping a Florida man that’s less... react-y? If that makes sense lmao it’s gonna be more like how I used to do them combined with my current editing style.

A lot of people suggested I should react to extreme cheapskates so that’s coming this week either Saturday or Sunday, I’ll keep you guys posted. The weekends get weird for me because of the podcast lol If you’re ever bored and need content feel free to check that out:

My favorite days of the week are always Wednesday’s and fridays because I love live-streaming with y’all (and hate editing nowadays 😂😅 ). Remember to suggest video ideas in the forum! I appreciate all of you guys. 🖤